Winter Weekends

Winter Weekends which originally began with Winter in the East End is an activation hosted by the City of Adelaide and Maras Group throughout the months of July and August. The event aims to bring vibrancy and activity to four of Adelaide’s streets and  laneways (Vardon Avenue, Ebenezer Place, Stag Lane, Hutt Street, Melbourne Street etc). Each weekend the laneways are filled with live music, open fire pits, hot chocolate and mulled wine.

ForMile Events was tasked with providing operational and logistical support to the event by placing11 open fire pits throughout the central business district. This activation required careful planning and security provisions to ensure public and asset safety while lighting open fires in publicly accessible locations. Furthermore, ForMile Events transported more than a tonne of firewood each night to ensure the fire pits remained ‘stoked’ for the event participants to enjoy.

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